This is intended to be an informal way to try new food, meet interesting people, and show off your culinary skills (even if they are limited to knowing where to buy the best charcuterie). Joe Wessels had a similar idea last year, and as I’m new in town and someone who loves entertaining, I figure it’s worth another shot. Here’s how it works:

1) Once a month, someone different will host dinner in their home for a limited number of guests. The host’s discretion decides the headcount limit, slots are first-come-first-served, and participants will be vetted for security reasons. As these meals will take place in private homes, anonymous eaters will not be allowed*.

2) The month’s host and dinner date will be posted on the blog; anyone can RSVP in the comments. Those whose RSVPs are accepted will be sent the venue address and other relevant details.

3) The host provides food and soft drinks. Not all food must be home-cooked; for example, a killer cheesecake from the host’s favorite boutique bakery will be more than welcome. A sack of White Castles probably wouldn’t be. Guests may wish to offer to bring extra food – nuts and chips or some nice cheese, for example – but they should arrange that directly with the host.

4) Others should bring a bottle of something – alcoholic or non – as their ‘dues’. The host is under no obligation to provide wine or beer for everyone, so if you want to drink something specific, it would be wise to bring enough for yourself – and polite to bring enough to share a bit with others.

5) Relax! Have fun! It’s in the rules, so you have to…or else.

Any questions or suggestions? Please post in the comments!

*If nobody in the group has heard of you, Google has no record of your existence or lack of criminal record, and/or you’re cagey about your identity, you won’t be extended an invitation. In order not to saddle the hosts with the responsibility for making these judgement calls, I will play the bad cop and make the final call on whether someone is too much of a risk to invite. Sorry, but we like our limbs and our possessions and plan on keeping all of them. (I don’t expect that we’ll attract too many axe murderers, though it would be unwise to go into this without some security provisions.)