Thanks to everyone who came over to my place tonight for our first supper! I was really pleasantly surprised that we filled all available slots our first time out, and happy to get such a great mix of fine locals in my humble abode. (In the photo, from left: Ken Cunningham, John Spencer, Renee Jackson, Edward Staples. My pics from the night can be found here, and I’m hoping Joe Wessels breaks down and gets a Flickr account so he can share his with us!)

So…what’d we eat? I’m so full right now that I feel uncomfortable just thinking about it, but here was the line-up:

Red Thai chicken curry
Chickpea curry
Couscous with toasted pine nuts
Roasted broccoli and cauliflower with pancetta and parmesan
Spinach salad (spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes, capers)
Strawberry shortcake
Chocolate chip cookies from Silverglade’s

Plus way too much in the way of tortilla chips with various salsas and dips.

I’ve got a ton of leftovers, so if anyone wants to sample anything listed above, drop me an email! Blake Fox has graciously offered to host next month at his awesome pad (it’s not like Ken badgered him into it or anything…no way), so I’ll update soon with the confirmed date for that. Thanks again for coming, guys!