Many thanks to Blake Fox for hosting us all at his super-sweet home last night for our second Cincinnati Supper Club meal! It was great fun, and we had some new faces (Chad Munitz, Michelle Lightfoot, and Kari Wethington) this time around, too.

As for the food…Oh, man. Blake laid out a buffet of greens, cut vegetables, and a variety of cheeses and dressings so we could each build our own salads, which were followed by his absolutely incredible beef stroganoff served over hot egg noodles. (I heard somebody say they could have crawled into the pot and eaten their way out. That person definitely wasn’t me. I swear!) There were also huge loaves of freshly baked bread, along with butter that Blake had thoughtfully softened for us. Finally, we had crème brûlée, which was made for us by Michelle Lightfoot, the culinary powerhouse who owns the hugely popular Deli720 on Pete Rose Way.

Thanks, everybody, for a great evening. My pictures from last night are here.

Readers, I wish you could have been there. Speaking of which…

We now have confirmed hosts for the next three months’ worth of supper club meals. Considering how scared I was that this idea wouldn’t take off, being as it was started by a complete newcomer to town (me), I could not be more pleased with how much people seem to be enjoying themselves.

Details of May’s gathering of the Cincinnati Supper Club will appear soon on the blog. Watch this space (I highly suggest subscribing to the RSS feed so you know as soon as news hits the site)…