We are very lucky to have Donna Covrett and Doug Pentz hosting a Spanish tapas party for the seventh edition of the Cincinnati Supper Club. Sadly, I will miss this one as I’ll be in New York…and it is entirely my (massive) loss. More food for you, though!

Date: Friday, September 21
6.30pm for drinks, dinner at 7.30pm

If you want to come, please say so in the comments to this post (slots are allocated on a first come, first served basis). I will then email you with Donna and Doug’s address and other details.

Have fun without me!


18 Responses to “Seventh Cincinnati Supper Club gathering”

  1. Steve Aday Says:

    I will be there and might I add what a thrill it is to be the first! I’m a-twitter with glee!

  2. As well you should be!

  3. Blake fox Says:

    Looking forward to it!

  4. 5chw4r7z Says:

    Ms 5chw4r7z and I are in.

  5. Joe Wessels Says:

    I’ll be there, plus one.

  6. JohnSpencer Says:

    ken and I are looking forward to this one!!!!

  7. Teresa Hoelle Says:

    I will be there with guest in tow! Really excited to be there! Thank you!

  8. Melissa Says:

    Hi Jackie. I will be there with Joe. I’m his +1. It’s a shame you won’t be there. I read your blogs and you seem like a totally cool chica. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to talk soon.

  9. Mary Gruber Says:

    Please count me in, thanks – looking forward to seeing everyone! Don’t forget to send Doug’s address before you scoot – you usually send that out just a day or two before. Let’s put Blake in charge of photos!

  10. Glad you’re being initiated into our motley bunch, Melissa! You certainly will add beauty to the supper…

  11. Page Anderson Says:

    It sounds great! Eric and I are looking forward to it. We’ll miss you Jackie!

  12. Okay, I think we’ve reached our limit on available slots now! I will talk to Donna and Doug and see if we have any leeway, so by all means add your name here in case spots open up (or in case of cancellations).

  13. Ryan Adams Says:

    Hopefully you can find space for me. I don’t take up much space, eat small portions, and only drink one glass of wine per meal. Also, I am a horrible liar.

  14. laura chenault Says:

    I’m in + 1. THANKS!

  15. Okay, the waiting list starts here. It really is worth getting your name down, as dropouts may happen.

  16. UPDATE: We have one more slot available, as one of our guests’ plus-one has had to cancel.

  17. Duncan Muir Says:

    I look forward to being there.

  18. Okay, the waiting list forms here once more…

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