What a pleasure it was for me to host the Cincinnati Supper Club for October. I don’t say that lightly, either: Preparing for the descent of hungry friends takes some work, but it really is more like fun than hard graft when you’re doing it for such great people. So thanks to everyone for letting me cook! I hope it came across as the expression of gratitude and friendship that I intended it to be.

As for what we ate, it was all rather thrown together at the last minute – I had a variety of food but was undecided until the eleventh hour as to how I’d combine it all. In the end we had: crudités and dip to start, followed by green salad with walnuts and feta (creamy poppyseed or ranch dressing on offer), shrimp korma, chicken and mushrooms in cream, couscous, a pizza-esque quiche, and a spicy salad of chickpeas, okra, and peppers in a lemon olive oil dressing. For dessert, we had mini pecan and pumpkin tarts (which I did not make from scratch, I hasten to add) with freshly whipped cream.

I had a blast, and I hope everyone – newcomers especially! – did, too. More photos are here. Watch this space for details of November’s gathering, which will be our ninth. If this supper club were a pregnancy, we’d be graduating from Lamaze!