Bianca and Shawn hosted last night in their Hyde Park home. The served up a South African Braai style dinner that was fabulous.It still amazes me and reinforces the idea behind the these dinners, we have a few new people every time and they all have a blast.People still crave shared genuine experiences and a good story.
Thanks everyone who participated, if you’d like to get in on this, leave a comment and I’ll add you to the mailing list, or add the blog to your RSS feeder, they fill up fast.
See additional pictures here and here.

Cincinnati Supper Club: The Twenty Third


Thanks Rachel for hosting this months Supper.
What an awesome old house and delish food.
For everyone rejecting the need to keep up with the Jones and instead want unique experiences that can’t be commoditized, this is the place for you.
More pictures here.

Cincinnati Supper Club: The TwentyFirst

Thanks Steve for hosting this month, even if the weather tried its best, we got this one off.
If you didn’t made it, you missed some spectacular views.
There’s a few more pictures here.

Cincinnati Supper Club XX

Cincinnati Supper Club 19

Thanks again Heather for opening up your home to the Cincinnati Supper Club and after only attending one, what a brave soul.
Loved your quirky house, everyone said that house is you, I’m marking that down as a compliment.
I was so happy, the gathering was almost entirely new people, it could have easily ended in disaster but the interest is there for new people, new food and new conversations. Thanks everyone who was able to make it at this busy time of year.
You can read Heather’s own description of the food here.
I also have pictures up.

Thanks to John and Ken for opening their awesome home to the Cincinnati Supper Club last night and cooking a fabulous meal. Some old friends we hadn’t seen in awhile and a bunch of new ones with one thing in common, a passion for food and conversation. The dinner was held in an old bar, what a neat space, and the wood stove, hit the spot on a chilly night.
I have a few pictures up here, thanks everyone who came.
Heather took the Supper club excitement to the next level.

Eighteenth Cincinnati Supper Club

supper club

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Many apologies for the lateness of this post! I had to leave for my Christmas trip to Europe the day after I hosted the supper club, which meant: 1) I did not cook and 2) I did not get a chance to blog about it before I left.

I didn’t think many people would be able to make it in December, what with the holiday social season being so hectic. So I was pleasantly surprised that we had about a dozen people, including a few new ones! We were thrilled to meet Shannon and Carol from Cincy Scenes, and I was also pleased that my new friend (and City Beat columnist) Stephanie Dunlap could make it, as well as two other new friends, Greg Hyland and Ben Yamaguchi.

Like I said, I did not cook this time. Instead, we had pizzas and three flavors of Ben & Jerry’s, along with Ben’s wonderful homemade almond cookies and homemade fudge contributed by Ms. Schwartz. Bob has more photos here. Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a lovely evening!

Mary Gruber did not disappoint with her wonderful spread of filling but relatively light winter comfort food for our November gathering.

After hors d’œuvres (including sweet honeycrisp apples with caramel apple dip, chips and salsa, jalapeno jelly over cream cheese with crackers), Mary served up piping hot chicken mulligatawny soup and a crunchy Asian salad. Those of us who had room then finished with a rather autumnal graham cracker cake, served with Godiva chocolate creme coffee.

I was determined that we carry on with the supper club through November and December, despite the holidays, and I’m so glad we did. We had a great turnout and – as ever – some new people who we hope to see again soon. All my pictures from last night are here, and watch this space for the date and host announcement for December!

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